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What is image-making all about and what do we need it for?

A&R Israel flower and gift box

A company’s image is influenced by a host of factors – there’s the company name, its logo, the kind of atmosphere, music, scents, and colors associated with it, the style of its TV ads… The more potential customers see your brand name, the more demand for the brand will grow. Competition among florists is fierce.  When it comes to fashioning a powerful and unique image, one particularly wise move is to come up with your own immediately identifiable packaging for your flowers – that way, any number of people may be exposed to your logo when the courier arrives to deliver the flowers, when the lucky recipient walks down the street, flowers in hand. In addition, custom packaging also visibly boosts your company’s prestige. Look at the photograph – those are hatboxes for flowers designed by Fleur Box for clients in Tel Aviv, Israel. See how visible the company name is, how it strikes the eye? A special ornament of leaves frames the logo, turning it into an organically unified image that sticks in the memory of anyone and everyone who sees the bouquet. That’s how an image is created – when they talk about your brand, people will see those boxes. They’ll relive the image of an elegant, stylish package, and from the box shine out fresh and gorgeous flowers and they’ll tell people about in tones of rapture. Fleur Box can create hatboxes in all sizes and forms; they can feature any drawings and logos you require. We work quickly and provide products of the very highest quality!