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Discover our range of premium velvet flower gift boxes. Each category on your left contains size and color variations. Click on the category of your choice to see the complete range of size and color options that we have to offer within that category.

The market for flowers is one that is constantly in demand 

This is because people celebrate numerous occasions all year round. And of course, flowers are the usual gifts that come to mind. People all over the world purchase flowers for their loved ones. The industry is already saturated with flower sellers, so, what better way to stand out as a supplier of flower gifts than to package them in velvet flower gift boxes? 

These velvet gift boxes are excellent for packaging your flower arrangements

These wholesale velvet flower boxes are unique and exceptional because unlike other gift box makers, we handcraft our products and utilize environment friendly materials to make them. Also, we offer customization so you can get one to match the branding needs of your business. 

Fleur Box goes the extra mile to make the gift boxes high-end 

We achieve this by using only eco-friendly and luxury materials. These velvet boxes are one of few luxurious gift box brands out there. The silky-smooth boxes are sure to elevate the gifts within from ordinary to extraordinary and remarkable. As a result, your customers will feel more special than if they’d received the typical ‘long stem roses’ packaged in plastic wrap. 

Flowers can be arranged in different ways 

For instance, you can organize flowers within the velvet gift boxes in different and exclusive ways. As a result, wholesalers have a wide range of options to present to their customers. After all, your clients demand for unique products

The customizable feature is one that appeals to customers 

While some people prefer velvet round boxes, others prefer square ones and some others would rather go for the heart-shaped boxes. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter what shape or color they prefer. There is a wide range of colors, designs, and shapes for the wholesalers to distribute. All in all, the velvet flower gifts boxes from Fleur Box are the perfect solution to highlight the ‘special, luxurious, and unique’ features of the florist. 

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