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It’s inevitable – a bouquet, even a small or relatively inexpensive one, will always look more attractive and sophisticated when beautifully packaged. Flower cones and gift bags are the simplest and most elegant way to help complete a bouquet, giving it a festive glow and meaningful impact. Not long ago, customers would be satisfied with homogeneous plastic wrapping. Sometimes flowers would come wrapped in newspaper! Times have changed. More and more, packaging such as flower bags, flower cones and other types of gift bags is an important part of the gift of flowers, and the packaging options are becoming more diverse and more appealing. Today you can buy packaging for flowers in a host of shapes, sizes and colors, and that enables you to put together the perfect look for any bouquet, creating the ideal harmonious composition. If you have the creative imagination, you can now turn a bouquet into a genuine work of art, playing on color contrasts or, alternatively, building the packaging as a logical continuation of the floral arrangement itself. Even the most modest flower packaging can make an appealing, highly refined enhancement to a bouquet, ultimately brightening a room and creating a good mood.

Do you want to amaze your clients, to help them bring joy to their loved ones? Our company offers you the perfect packaging solution to help you with that! Reliable packaging for your flowers, an elegant way to present a gift!

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  • Briefcase Bag L50W20H40

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  • Flower Cone Pack

    USD 131.60
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  • Flower Bag Pack

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Showing all 3 results