Preserved Roses In Glass Domes, Beauty And the Beast Roses

How do you set up a small business selling preserved roses in glass domes or speciality flower boxes? Find out more about our Enchanted Roses In Glass Domes, Beauty & the Beast Roses Wholesale.

For those who are still toying with the idea of setting up a small business, or perhaps already have a florist but want to broaden their offering, you may be interested in hearing our proposition. We’re talking about unique, eternal roses, Beauty and the Beast Roses Wholesale in glass domes or preserved rose compositions in custom branded boxes – which many associate with the one that appears in the wonderful movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ or roses ‘that last over a year’.

Preserved roses or Enchanted Roses In Glass Domes, Beauty & the Beast Roses Wholesale in glass domes haven’t been around all that long and people aren’t all that familiar with them. This is why a beautiful rose in a glass dome or a bouquet of roses beautifully arranged in your custom branded boxes, which don’t wilt and retain their vibrancy for several years, represent a truly exciting and popular new addition to your florist. Such a unique, symbolic gift is sure be in high demand.

To ensure roses maintain their fresh appearance, they need to be kept in reliable, high-quality packaging. And that’s where domes and our sturdy cardboard boxes for flowers come into their own. Dome-shaped glass cases, transparent rose boxes or other top end packaging solutions are not easy to come by so we offer a complete, turnkey solution. ‘Is that all I need?’ you might be asking. That’s right: we’ve got everything covered. You can order the complete set direct from us. And here’s why…

For both businesses just starting out and big brands alike, promotion is key: the first thing to do is use the product as way of building awareness around your brand, and second – to regularly arouse customer interest. To ensure this, the vendor’s logo therefore added to all packaging used in the florist. We can also add a velvet covering to the wooden stand in the glass dome in the colour of your choice – along with a logo – and we create an outer box for the preserved flowers, the front of which contains promotional info about your business.

We’ve got one more option for you: glass domes with outer surprise boxes customized to meet your exact requirements. You’ll receive all the items – the preserved roses (6 to 10cm wide depending on your selection) in cases with personalized bases inside, packaged in an outer box, decorated with your logo and/or an elegant ribbon featuring your brand name.

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