Bespoke Rose Boxes, Custom Gift Boxes, Handmade Flower Boxes Catalog

The purpose of this entire presentation is to show you the products that we manufacture. These are NOT ready made or stock boxes. All our boxes are hand made to order when such an order is placed. We will prepare and submit mockups of your boxes to demonstrate how your actual boxes with your logo on them would look like in reality before mass production if you place an order with Fleur Box.  If you are concerned with the quality of our products, you can order our samples.

Important: our overall minimum order quantity is a mixed batch of 40 boxes so you can select various box styles, sizes and colors in your order of 40 boxes. Please, note that our minimum order quantity per color and size is 5 boxes and 10 or 20 boxes for certain box sizes so you need to make sure that your order complies with these rules before you proceed to checkout.

How to place an order using our website:

  1. Choose your currency by clicking on the Currencies Icon in the top righthand corner of your screen
  2. Choose your flower or gift box category, style, shape, design below by clicking on the appropriate image
  3. Select your box size within the category of your choice. Our 3D images convey the real size of the box so you can see the difference between them
  4. Click on “Select options” or 3D Image of the box within that category
  5. Now you can choose your color by clicking on the color icon within the box size selected
  6. You will see the minimum order per the box size and color in the “Quantity” field
  7. Please, increase your quantity of any given box size that you choose to order in increments of 5 pieces per color
  8. Add these to your cart
  9. If you want more than one color per the box size selected, add as many colors as you’d like to your cart within that size, you can adjust your quantity per color in the cart later

You should complete the same steps if you want to add some more box designs and their sizes to your order. Be sure to add at least forty (40) boxes to your cart (this can be a mixture of different boxes as noted above) as this is the minimum permissible quantity that you need to have in your cart in order to proceed to checkout. Artwork / logo application or other product add-ons and extra personalization options such as ribbon eyelets i.e. small holes framed with metal rings to attach ribbons, handles, and / or other customizations will be included in the item price only if you add these extras on our checkout page i.e. “Add personalization” page. We accept bank wire transfers and PayPal. If you select PayPal as your payment option, you will be redirected to PayPal’s website to make your payment. You can pay with your credit or debit card or eCheck if you do not have a PayPal account or pay for your order using your PayPal account by logging in to it.