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Note: None of the Bespoke Rose Boxes, Custom Gift Boxes, Handmade Flower Boxes offered on our website are stock products. We don’t stock anything except for some items such as samples that result from mass production of a custom flower box order. The purpose of this entire presentation is to show our customers the examples of what their flower boxes would look like in person if they placed an order with Fleur Box.

Select your flower or gift box style below by clicking on the appropriate image, select your size, click on the color icon on the box size page selected and add it to the cart by selecting your color. Each rose box size and/or flower box type has its own dedicated page on Make sure to add at least forty (40) products / rose boxes to the cart (Click for more on Minimum Order Requirements), as this is the minimum permissible quantity that you need to have in your cart in order to proceed to checkout. Artwork application or other product add-ons such as ribbon eyelets i.e. small holes framed with metal rings to attach ribbons, handles, and / or other customizations will be included in the item price only if you add these extras on our checkout page i.e. “Add personalization” page. We accept bank wire transfers and PayPal, and also Western Union or MoneyGram in certain cases. Credit and Debit Card Payment option will be available via PayPal in the coming weeks.