Set of various boxes

USD 159.80 USD 122.20

Our regular flower box samples kit includes a variety of box shapes, styles, colors and sizes in a quantity of up to 10 pieces. Swatches of the covering materials that we use in production might also be included in this flower box samples kit if you add them to this order. We offer regular flower box samples kits so that you can test out our products and their quality before placing your orders for personalized flower boxes.

Customizations are not applicable to the regular flower box samples kit. The flower box samples kit is provided from the stock of ready made boxes so you cannot choose your own size, shape, color or cover material. This is not a custom option. Please, choose custom branded flower box samples kit or place your custom orders in line with our minimum order rules if you wish to have your boxes made to order in line with your personalization requirements.

If you’d like this order to only carry velvet boxes, then we can provide 6 boxes for the price specified on the website as part of the samples kit to suit your needs. We do have some of these velvet boxes available in stock from time to time as well.