Cover Materials

Dainiel SG Velvet Collection
Majestic Collection
Balacron Tango Metallic, Pearlized Covering Material with Metallic Glints
Classy Covers & Efalin Collection
Dainel Lynel Fur & Tann, 3D Suede Collection
ColorPlan Smooth Classic Paper (Formerly known as Burano)
Foil Collection (Used for hot foil stamping only)

Dainiel SG Velvet Collection

Dainiel Collection is a high-end covering material that we use to manufacture an Exclusive Edition of our flower & gift boxes and other personalized gift packaging boxes.

We use hot foil stamping to personalize our velvet gift boxes including Velvet & Suede Round Boxes, Velvet & Suede Square Boxes,Velvet & Suede Round Boxes with drawersVelvet & Suede Square Boxes with drawers, and Velvet & Suede Heart Shaped Bags. Foil colors: rose gold, shiny gold, champagne gold, shiny silver, matte white, matte black and many more colors. You can choose your logo colors vs. box colors at checkout.

Dainel Original Anthracite-min
Dainel Original Azalee-min
Dainel Original Bleu Caraibes-min
Dainel Original Bora Bora-min
Dainel Original Bordeaux-min
Dainel Original Chamois-min
Dainel Original Charbon-min
Dainel Original Corail-min
Dainel Original Dusty Pink-min
Dainel Original Forest-min
Dainel Original Mauve-min
Dainel Original Moka-min
Dainel Original Muskat-min
Dainel Original Navy-min
Dainel Original Neige-min
Dainel Original Nuage-min
Dainel Original Pervenche-min
Dainel Original Pivoine-min
Dainel Original Platine-min
Dainel Original Seychelles-min

Majestic Collection

Our Majestic Collection of papers offers an excellent color range of 19 tones with a magical metallic shine. Shimmering surfaces, rich vibrant colors and a precious waterfall of gold and silver colors are the magic of this exclusive collection. The range includes fashionable soft reflective Satins. Majestic stands for luxury. Distinctive looking covering materials with a rich surface finish are perfect for all creative promotion and paper covered gift packaging boxes. Majestic Collection is made to the highest environmental standards.

Applications: hot foil stamping, screen printing & digital printing. However, digital printing will be used for light colored Majestic papers only.

Majestic Anthracite-min
Majestic Damask Blue-min
Majestic Emperor Red-min
Majestic Kings Blue-min
Majestic Lime Green-min
Majestic Marble White-min
Majestic Moonlight Silver-min
Majestic Petal-min
Majestic Satin Violel-min
Majestic Candlelight Cream-min
Majestic Casino Gold-min
Majestic Fresh Mint-min
Majestic Gardeners Green-min
Majestic Light Grey-min
Majestic Luxus Real Gold-min
Majestic Medal Bronze-min
Majestic Nightclub Purple-min
Majestic Real Silver-min
Majestic Steel Grey-min

Balacron Tango Metallic, Pearlized Covering Material with Metallic Glints

Balacron is an exciting sparkling covering material with beautiful metallic glints. The colors change under the light. You will love the rich and soft comforting feel on your personalized gift packaging boxes, Hat BoxesHeart Shaped Boxes, Long Stem Boxes, Oval BoxesHeart Shaped BagsRound Boxes with drawersSquare Boxes with drawers, or other gift box designs.

Logo application: hot foil stamping, embossing.

Balacron Tango Burdeaux-min
Balacron Tango Black-min
Balacron Tango Blush Pink-min
Balacron Tango Dark Blue-min
Balacron Tango Dark Brown-min
Balacron Tango Dark Ivory-min
Balacron Tango Gold-min
Balacron Tango Green-min
Balacron Tango Grey-min
Balacron Tango Light Ivory-min
Balacron Tango Silver-min

Classy Covers & Efalin Collection

Classy Covers & Efalin Fine Linen Collections are a robust linen embossed designer paper. Classy Covers & Efalin Fine Linen are the perfect embossed covering materials for a wide range of paper covered personalized gift packaging boxes that we manufacture Classy Covers & Efaline Fine Linen paper collections are environmentally-friendly and scuff resistant.

Logo applications: hot foil stamping, screen printing & digital printing. However, digital printing will be used for light colored Classy Covers & Efalin Fine Linen papers only

Efalin Fine Linen Purple-min
Classy Covers Navy-min
Classy Covers Grigio-min
Classy Covers Bianco-min
Classy Covers Blue-min
Classy Covers Bordeaux-min
Classy Covers Caffe TT-min
Classy Covers Nero TT-min
Classy Covers Perla-min
Classy Covers Rosso-min
Classy Covers Verde-min
Efalin Fine Linen Bright Yellow-min
Efalin Fine Linen Light Blue-min
Efalin Fine Linen Light Yellow-min
Efalin Fine Linen Orange-min
Efalin Fine Linen Violet-min

Dainel Lynel Fur & Tann, 3D Suede Collection

Dainel Lynel Fur & Tann 3D Suede is a luxury binding material that we use to manufacture yet another special edition of our flower & gift boxes. Dainel’s exclusive viscose microfibers bring a unique soft-to-the touch feel and a beautiful 3D suede look. Dainel Fur & Tann 3D Suede defines a new category of its own, a new breed of premium covering materials. This covering material meets all applicable safety requirements of the European standard EN71 part 3 & part 9.

We use hot foil stamping to personalize our velvet gift boxes. Logo colors can be selected at checkout when you place your order.

Dainel Tann Baltic-min
Dainel Tann Bordeaux-min
Dainel Tann Chamois-min
Dainel Tann Charbon-min
Dainel Tann Dune-min
Dainel Tann Forest-min
Dainel Tann Navy-min
Daniel Fur Chamois-min
Daniel Fur Mustang-min

ColorPlan Smooth Classic Paper (Formerly known as Burano)

ColorPlan is a high-quality covering material with smooth surface, bringing elegance and class to personalized gift packaging boxes. If you are looking to order our boxes with a matte smooth surface, ColorPlan, with its wide range of high-quality colored papers, is the best choice.

Logo applications: hot foil stamping, screen printing & digital printing. Digital printing will be used for light colored papers only.

Our foil colors that you can choose for your box colors at checkout when placing an order include without limitation: shiny gold, shiny silver, matte silver, matte black, matte white, light gold, light rose gold, shiny red. If your company logo comes in some specific color, we can manufacture foil color in line with your Pantone requirements. Please, get in touch with us so we can discuss your project.

ColorPlan Candy Pink-min
ColorPlan Turquoise-min
ColorPlan Ebony-min
ColorPlan Vermilion-min
ColorPlan Scarlet-min
ColorPlan Pristine White-min
ColorPlan Powder Green-min
ColorPlan New Blue-min
ColorPlan Imperial Blue-min
ColorPlan Factory Yellow-min
ColorPlan Dark Grey-min
ColorPlan Cool Blue-min

Foil Collection (Used for hot foil stamping only)

The foil collection that we use when applying customers’ logos to our boxes includes without limitation: shiny gold, shine silver, matte silver, matte black, matte white, light gold, light rose gold, shiny red. If you need to have your artwork stamped on the boxes in a color not specified in this presentation, we can arrange for that foil color to be manufactured specially for your order. Examples of our products with our client’s logos applied on them can be viewed by visiting Portfolio Highlights or you can text us via WhatsApp and request examples of our recent work. Tap here to start your conversation via WhatsApp.

Light Gold Foil-min
Light Rose Gold Foil-min
Matte Black Foil-min
Matte Silver Foil-min
Matte White Foil-min
Shiny Gold Foil-min
Shiny Red Foil-min
Shiny Silver Foil-min
Disclaimer: All product images are for illustrative purposes only. We attempt to display our products as accurately as possible. The actual colors may vary from the images shown on our website due to differences in monitors and the device you are using to view the product. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we will gladly provide more information on any of our products as well as examples of our recent work because we want you to feel confident about your purchase with us. Be sure to order our cover material swatches and a set of sample boxes to see all the colors we use to make our boxes in person.

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