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Personalized flower & gift boxes in Los Angeles. How can you bring new clients into your flower shop?

Personalized flower & gift boxes in Los Angeles

How can you bring new clients into your flower shop? How do you call attention to your brand, making it part of the public consciousness? There is one thing that can help: Personalized flower & gift boxes. For many, Los Angeles is a city of dreams. People flock here from all corners of the earth. Naturally, with all those festivities and encounters, flowers are a big part of the scene. The floristry business is expanding rapidly in Los Angeles, so if you want to be today’s trend, you have your work cut out for you.

Personalized flower & gift boxes are hardly a novelty in Los Angeles. They’re an important element of any fashionable florist’s establishment, something your customers are sure to expect – and demand. When someone comes in for a bouquet, or orders one by telephone or on the web, they’re looking to make a strong positive impression on someone important to them. Boxes give flowers a hint of mystery, elegance and originality. Your company’s name, printed on those boxes, is a subtle yet powerful form of advertising, a sign that remains in a client’s field of vision as long as the box is in use. And as a rule, people don’t throw out a hat box, even when the flowers finally fade. They keep it around as a useful and attractive container for all kinds of household objects, large and small (depending on the size of the box).

If you’re located in California and you’re thinking about how to make your florist’s establishment more successful and profitable, look to Fleur Box. Personalized flower & gift boxes are our specialty, and we’ll be happy to produce them for you to your custom design and specifications. Boxes for preserved roses, smaller boxes for jewelry, and gift bags – you can order them all from us in the quantities you need. You can have your logo imprinted on them, along with any inscriptions, images and patterns you may require.

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