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Maison des Fleurs – Luxury Floral Design In All Its Splendor

Maison des Fleurs - Luxury Floral Design In All Its Splendor

What is Maison des Fleurs? This is a famous flower brand recognized in many countries due to their magnificent bouquets in elegant square, hat, velvet round, trapeze-shaped, rectangular & other types of boxes. Maison des Fleurs first started it operations as a flower delivery service being headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. The franchise has expanded significantly on a global scale in the recent years and it is now officially represented in the United States, Great Britain, Western Europe and a number of other countries all over the world. The brand is well-recognized, and it enjoys boundless love of their customers.

What makes Maison des Fleurs so unique? Why are their bouquets considered to be a model of good taste in the gift industry? It is not only the high quality, freshness and variety of floral arrangements. It is the stylish packaging that their bouquets come with. Is it all about those hat boxes that Maison des Fleurs uses to place their arrangements into? These boxes are definitely a real piece of art. They bring excitement and speak louder than words. How do they do it? Maison des Fleurs’s success is woven out of elegance, style and exclusivity of their product design. Gorgeous bouquets in elegant boxes of different shapes, sizes and colors that are perfectly suited to one another in all respects.

Maison des Fleurs gift boxes amaze with their sophistication and harmony. A flower arrangement tuned up with any of those boxes looks totally luxurious. They complement each bouquet so successfully that it becomes hard to imagine flowers and boxes separately.