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Impress your customers, conquer their hearts with your ingenuity

Rosebox Interlaken

Because of our busy lifestyle we are not always in a position to take proper care of bouquets, extend their life, not to mention the need for a vase, transportation and other aspects. After reviewing all these and many other needs of our customers, we launched manufacturing of square flower boxes which have become a new trend in floral fashion. This solution allows florists to not only impress their customers but also conquer their hearts with prudence, consideration and ingenuity. People with delicate tastes will appreciate the elegance and simplicity of the square flower boxes, romantics will find a touch of French charm in them and practical people will like the fact that they don’t need to get vases or constantly change water in them. Confectionery, soft toys and jewelry can be placed in square boxes along with flowers. Use floral foam in a plastic bag or plastic container to help flowers stay fresh for a long time.