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Highlighting the natural beauty of flowers

Selling flowers is a usual thing. It would seem like: what else can you do to impress your customers who are constantly coming back with additional demands? That’s the question we asked ourselves we started our company. And then we thought, what would a person receiving flowers in a hat box feel like? Surprised and delighted? That’s for sure. But most importantly they would feel grateful for the eccentric approach to presenting a gift. We thought about it, we did it, and it paid off. Hat boxes have become one of the most popular and trendy type of packaging these days, they have become a fashion in the floral industry and a factor in flower sales increase!

The flowers are, naturally, flowers… However, being placed in an unusual “wrapper”, they acquire a new meaning, an intrigue and a variety of applications. Elegant boxes may come with or without lids, have different dimensions and colors, carry a florist’s, a wedding agency’s or a corporation’s name, logo or other infomration and so on.

A bouquet placed in an original custom-made hat box is different from its conventional counterpart in a way that:

it can be presented under any circumstances. This means that the recipient will not have to worry about where to put the flower arrangement, how to transport it, how to look after the flowers etc. Customers understand that carrying a hat box is much more convenient than long stems in a standard piece of paper or a plastic wrap;

it will certainly take the most prominent place in the recipient’s house, office or among piles of bouquets presented on an anniversary;

it makes you feel good with its versatility and ingenuity. Boxes made of durable cardboard in unusual design and colors can be used as organizers or storage for household goods. In fact, the recipient becomes the owner of two gifts at the same time;

It can match the color palette of the bouquet. Our Swiss partner pleases their customers with hat boxes that are identical or that are in colors strikingly different from the color of plants included in the arrangement;

We offer flower boxes to meet every need of our wholesale customers. We can make round, heart-shaped, square, rectangular boxes, V-shaped or non-standard shape boxes, apply your company, wedding or florist logo, meaningful labels or unusual prints. We are confident that your business will flourish with our help because flowers placed in a box are an opportunity to create a fairy tale, reveal a miracle, bring that creative approach into gift design, show love and appreciation to your clients.