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Hat Boxes in Astana, Kazakhstan. The History of the Emergence of Beautiful Bouquet Arrangements.

Modern floral arrangements differ enormously from their older ‘predecessors’.  It was only very recently, for instance, that flowers came to be packaged, since mid-century florists didn’t have the luxury of speciality Fleur Box flower boxes.

In rural India, it was believed that flowers weren’t just plants, but powerful symbols that should be given to those one held dear.  It was exactly because of this, that people cultivated their own flowers individually, so that the gift would be genuine – it would harbour a veritable piece of their own soul.  In antiquity, it wasn’t customary to create bouquets: normally flowers would be picked to make wreaths and garlands.

In Europe, the bouquet appeared roughly around the 15th century.  Then, no set rules or arrangement principles were observed: the flowers were gathered together and placed in a vase.  Subsequently, in France, traditions began to appear and take root, which was where the idea of gathering assorted flowers into a bouquet stemmed.  That being said, in those days, bouquet styles were drastically different to today’s versions. For example, it was common practise to cut flower buds from the stems and fasten them to craft wire, while the tops would be generously doused in aromatic oils. These flowers were pressed very tightly next to one another, with buds of one and the same colour placed in the middle of the bouquet and other colour shades surrounding them.  For decoration, the flowers would be adorned with crisply starched lace, while the packaging would be a porcelain case with a handle.

Of course, eventually habits began to change: florists stopped separating flowers from their stems and they stopped using incense, having understood that the natural aroma of the flowers was far more attractive.  They even changed the packaging: gone were the cumbersome rickety cases; the latter were replaced by lightweight, durable flower boxes.  Look at the photo: in front of you there’s a beautiful, contemporary bouquet in an elegant box, created by Fleur Box for the ‘Lady Fleur’ salon in Astana.  Nowadays, to reveal our true feelings we don’t have to grow our own flowers: all that’s required is simply to give a beautiful gift that comes from the heart, chosen especially by you, and immersed in the fragrance of a luxurious bouquet.


Lady Fleur Astana Hat Flower Box
Lady Fleur Astana Hat Flower Box