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Hat Boxes By Fleur Box at Missis Estonia 2016 Beauty Contest

Flower Box MIssis Estonia 2

Want to make your flower shop popular and recognizable? Fleur Box will help you design your flower arrangements for beauty contests and other public events.

Flower Box Missis Estonia 8

Gifting flowers to women has been a tradition at all times. Luxurious bouquets are presented as a token of high esteem, appreciation, love, admiration… It’s nice to know that this tradition still lives. The fair sex has been named as such for a valid reason: who is the most fragile and vulnerable, yet persistent and patient creation on earth? It is for these qualities and many more others, women are worthy of adoration and worship. And the best proof of appreciation for them are flowers – the same delicate and beautiful!

Flower Box Missis Estonia 8

The beauty contests occasionally held all over the world are not only competitions but also an opportunity for a lot of people to see the graceful ladies who combine all the most attractive things in them. Each contestant receives a gorgeous bouquet of flowers as a recognition of her beauty and admiration. So why not present flowers to contestants in a brand new way? Look at how harmonious and stylish those fresh flowers look in round boxes which were given to each participant of “Missis Estonia 2016” Beauty Contest! The boxes placed on a stage wait for the award ceremony, the flowers look equally attractive and intact as the contestants.

Donna Flowers logo printed on each hat box is an excellent way for our customer in Tallinn, Estonia to build a strong brand identity.

Fleur Box manufactures flower and gift boxes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and covering materials. Each box is designed to transform the way you present your bouquets to customers.

Give it a try. Stand out!