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Givelandeau – Elegant Boxed Flowers

Those who know us are aware how much we adore flowers. From roses to tulips to peonies, but most importantly, we make it a priority to share what’s going on around flower business in the world.

Some time ago, or 12 to 15 months ago to be more accurate, we came across a new Vancouver based flower brand – Give Landeau. Launched by Trevor Patterson, the Landeau sells exclusively roses—but not simply any roses. These are gorgeous roses you could’ve ever seen or imagined.

What makes Landeau so special and why we decided to showcase these beautiful boxed flowers on our website is not just about how flawless each petal on any rose is, but the brand owner has truly brought an authentic design of hat boxes into life which reflects simplicity, style, and luxury (the three things that make this brand absolutely gorgeous).