Find your answers to the most frequently asked questions...

The purpose of this section is to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive from customers around the world. The information presented below will give you most of your answers. If you have trouble understanding the answer, you can ask Fleur Box Customer Service to clarify.

Yes, Fleur Box offers various personalization options which can be found during checkout after you filled up your cart with all needed products as shown on the image below.

Select one of the artwork application options or combination of options depending on how many impressions / imprints of your artwork you would like per each box in your order, our website will add all associated costs to your order per each box automatically. Select "No artwork application needed" to exclude these extras from your order.

Returning customers will NOT have to pay for vector artwork service, mockup design or hot foil stamping plate(s) again if they already did so when they placed one of their first custom orders unless they make changes to their current artwork / logo, its size or if their order contains some products that require these additional costs in particular occasions. If you are a returning customer but never ordered any boxes personalized with your artwork, please, select the New customer option when selecting Artwork application during checkout.

Eyelets only or eyelets and ribbons are available as options during checkout as shown on the image below. You can add eyelets only, or you can also add eyelets and ribbons by selecting the boxes which you need these extras for in your order. Eyelets color will match your artwork color. Ribbon color will match your box color. Leave blank to exclude these extras from your order.

The prices shown on our website may include one item only or, in some cases, groups of items. Some products such as cones, gift bags, corrugated cardboard boxes are available to order in packs only. View your cart after adding some products to see the total price by item categories.

We can supply customized ribbons along with your boxes. Just select this option under Eyelets & Ribbons tab. Please, note that there will be a minimum length of 25 meters ribbon roll (Standard roll length) added to your order for each box color. For example, you have selected 5 box colors = 125 meters of personalized ribbons will be added towards the total value of your order. Note: ribbon colors will match your box colors, and your artwork / logo on the ribbon will match the color of your artwork on the boxes.

You can add this option for specific boxes in your order by clicking on Fashionalize your boxes tab during checkout as shown on the attached. We can make any custom prints including marble, floral, art, fashion or other themed prints of your choice. After submitting an order that requires this kind of personalization, please, send us your prints / graphics to hello@fleur-box.com.

We always design a sketch / mockup to show our customers what their future box would look like with their artwork / logo or other graphics on before we start mass production. All customers placing personalized orders will first review and approve their sketches and provide comments if needed before their orders are handed over to the production team.

Your order may qualify for a discount of 5%, 10% or even 15% depending on the number of boxes you wish to order. If your order includes over 100 boxes (excluding the items available to order in packs only), it may qualify for a special offer or a freebie. All orders of over 1000 boxes are subject to negotiation and will be discounted on a case by case basis.

Preprocessing lead time – one to two business days including review, verification and approval of your artwork and mockups demonstrating your boxes with your company artwork / logo on them. Manufacturing lead time – seven to ten business days, and twenty to twenty-five business days during busy seasons (including Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.). Shipping should generally be expected to take between five and fifteen business days, depending on your location.

We deliver our products worldwide. Our production facility is located in Russia. We've completed and shipped over five thousand custom orders internationally to date.

As you may already know, all boxes will be empty inside when shipped so if you need to order some very large boxes, make sure that you add smaller boxes that we can place inside these large ones. Please, note that the postage rate will be assessed both on the basis of real and cubic weight of your parcel(s). Specifically, the shipper accepts protective cardboard boxes (transportation / shipping boxes) of either 80 cm x 55 cm x 55 cm or 100 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm (31.5 in x 21.6 in x 21.6 in or 39.3 in x 19.6 in x 19.6 in), with the weight of one transportation box not to exceed thirty kilograms or 66.14 lbs. If your order cannot be made to fit in a single box within the prescribed weight limit, it will have to be sent in multiple boxes.

International taxes & duties: all applicable customs fees, import taxes or other duties are the sole responsibility of the customer. Customs authorities require that Fleur Box indicates the value of your order directly on the customs declaration which is attached to your package by the courier. To help our clients quickly process their orders through customs in their destination country with fewer taxes, fees or duties if any at all, Fleur Box will only state a smaller portion of your order value per package on the customs declaration.

Log into your Fleur Box account via https://fleur-box.com/my-account/, click on "Orders", then select your order that needs to be tracked and click on the tracking number(s) that appear above your order details. Once your shipment has left Russia you are unable to track the shipment. The last status update will be "Released from Russia". This is an indication that your shipment is on its way to your country. The following tracking update will be "Arrived at the customs of (name of your country)".

Despite the fact that we are not responsible for any damages or loss as we don’t deliver your packages directly but rather use a third-party shipping company to do so, we will provide a certain amount of boxes on your next purchase free of charge as a compensation on the rare occasion that your shipment actually arrives with signs of loss or damage if any reported by you.