About Us

We make elite flower boxes that exceed every expectation for a luxury gift

Is there anything as astonishing and lovely as living flowers? Especially when they have been artfully combined to make a perfectly understated or, conversely, wonderfully luxurious composition? The way the flowers are presented determines the impression they make, and the packaging of your flowers can be the crucial element. The packaging has to keep the floral composition safe and sound as it makes its way to its intended recipient, but more – it grounds and enhances the colors, freshness and beauty of the flowers themselves.

For packaging of your flowers, Fleur Box produces boxes that are themselves true works of art. Binding board and designer covering material – that’s just some of what makes our flower boxes the peak of perfection. We construct our boxes on-site in our facility – that allows us to take on serious bulk orders and guarantee that they will be fulfilled on time. Among the products we offer are Waterproof Plastic Hat Boxes, Cardboard Round Flower Boxes, Square Flower Boxes, Heart Shaped Flower Boxes, Acrylic Round BoxesAcrylic Square Boxes and many others flower boxes – click for more information on products and pricing.

Gift boxes for flowers will turn any floral arrangement into a genuine celebration. Besides their convenience for shipping flowers, these boxes have a powerful decorative function: they can easily become an element of the decor of any interior, a place to keep small items. We offer various customization and personalization options: your company name on our gift boxes, the kind people can keep – that’s a guaranteed win. Our boxes can be custom branded with your logo, print, drawing or label using several different technologies – hot foil stamping, silk-screen or digital printing.

You can order cardboard flower boxes either on wholesale or retail terms. Every order will be fulfilled to the highest European standard of quality. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our clients, and that’s possible only when our work is carried out flawlessly. Boxes for florists at Fleur Box are a reliable, durable and practical solution for packaging of flowers, a productive and helpful aid to your business!

The most modern manufacturing technologies and the premium quality materials we put into the making of our flower and gift boxes make this type of packaging ideal for use by wedding designers, as well as the florists’, gift item, baking and catering industries in their day-to-day work.

Remember that ordering your own custom flower boxes in wholesale quantities with your logo application on them means having elite packaging that will meet your every expectation for a luxury gift. All you need to do is to select boxes in the dimensions, shapes and colors you need.

As we aim to create fruitful and long-lasting cooperation with our clients we are truly considerate of our business relations. Our current clients include over 100 companies and florists all over the world.

By placing an order with Fleur Box, our wholesale clients can rest easy in the knowledge that even the most humble gift or flower arrangement they make for their customers will become a kingly surprise when it is presented in a luxurious box – this is the high-end packaging solution.